Frequently Asked Questions

Where is A-1 Party Rental located?

251 East Front Street, Covina, California 91723. If you need help with directions, please call us at 626.967.0500 and we will be happy to guide you here.

What hours does A-1 deliver and pick-up?

A-1 delivers during our normal operating hours; 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and 9:00am to 3pm on Saturdays. Specific delivery and pick-up times can be made for an additional fee. Please ask one of our dedicated Event Planners for more information when placing your order.

When can I find out an approximate time for my delivery or pick-up?

Route sheets are made each day before deliveries go out. To get an approximate timeline of your delivery or pick-up, please call A-1 the morning of the delivery or pick-up and we will provide you with the requested information.

Can I come and see what you have?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the showroom and walk the warehouse in person. It’s a great way to for you to get ideas and organize your thoughts. Our showroom gives you just a glimpse of the possibilities available to make your event an exciting memory for you and your guests. Our event planners and rental consultants can help you put it all down on paper and help you create a plan.

Is there anyone I can call with a last-minute change or addition to my order, after A-1's business hours?

Absolutely! Our 24-hour emergency contact number is 626.210.8865. Don’t worry, A-1 is here for you at all times!

How much space should I plan for my event?

For a Stand-up cocktail party we recommend eight square feet for every guest. If you are having a Sit-down dinner we suggest that you plan on providing 12 square feet per guest. Should you be hosting a Sit-down buffet then you will want to allow for 15 square feet per guest. See more handy calculations at our Resources Page

I am throwing a party, how many glasses should I have per person?

At a cocktail party, A-1 recommends having three glasses per guest.

How much champagne will I require?

One case (12 bottles) serve 50 people (82 drinks) and our champagne fountains will operate with as little as three bottles and as much as five gallons.

How much liquor will I require?

Plan on two drinks per person per hour. Each quart of liquor serves 21 to 28 drinks. Currently Vodka, Tequila and Rum are popular liquors.

How much punch will I require?

One gallon of punch serves 24 guests, 32 three-ounce drinks with ice.

How much coffee will I require?

One pound of coffee serves 60 to 80 cups.

How long will a solar flow heater operate?

One solar flow heater will heat a 12′ diameter area for approximately six hours, on its High setting.

Before I return it, what do I do with the dishware/silverware?

Please rinse off the plates and silverware and place them into the boxes or crates they were delivered in. We appreciate your courtesy on this request.

What colors do you have for tablecloths, napkins, drapery, etc.?

For your special event or party, we have many colors to fit the theme of your event.

I'm looking to rent a canopy or a tent for my party. What sizes do they come in?

For your party or special event A-1 has tents and canopies in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 10′ x 10′ to 100′ x 400′. The best way to determine a canopy or tent size for your event is to have one of our experienced A-1 Special Event Coordinators meet you at your home or event location, for no additional charge, to help measure, plan and visualize with you. At A-1 we understand the value of collaboration and strive to work with our customers to provide a great experience and terrific event outcome.

How much space will I require for my guests?

Round tables in a dining setting: 12 square feet per guest Banquet table in a dining setting: 10 square feet per guest Theater style seating: 8 square feet per guest Classroom style seating: 10 square feet per guest Cocktail party (standing room only): 6 square feet per guest Cocktail party (standing and seating): 8 square fee per guest.

What size of table should I choose for my guests?

24” round: 2 to 3 guests per table 30” round: 2 to 4 guests per table 36” round: 2 to 4 guests per table 48” round: 4 to 6 guests per table 54” round: 6 to 8 guests per table 60” round: 8 to 10 guests per table 72” round: 10 to 12 guests per table 3′ banquet: 2 to 3 guests per table 4′ banquet: 2 to 4 guests per table 6′ banquet: 6 to 8 guests per table 8′ banquet: 8 to 10 guests per table.

What size dance floor will I require?

Take the number of people attending your party and divide by six. This is the estimated number of tiles you will need for a dance floor.
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