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Black Ghost Chairs In The Ballroom

A punk/glam themed corporate event/party featured our new black Louis and Victoria Ghost Chairs! Up lighting was provided by LED Par Cans.

Like the all black, minimalist look? Check out a similar themed event here!

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Fall Harvest Banquet

Lovely weather this past weekend complimented a beautiful cocktail and dinner party showcasing culinary creations from local featured chefs. Banquet tables were set on the lawn in front of the historic Queen Anne Cottage. Celadon table drapes dressed the tables and fruitwood folding chairs were used for seating.  A medley of stemware- Pure champagne flutes, perception wine glasses, classico beverage, and classico red wine- was used for the all the beverages during the five course dinner. All uplighting on the cottage and string lighting on the cottage were all done by our lighting department.



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White Album Wedding Reception

This past weekend a very hip couple had a vibrant and fun wedding reception at one of the premiere event venues in Pasadena. In collaboration with the event’s lighting company, our event coordinator provided layouts for both the ballroom dining area and cocktail hour on the terrace.

Silver chiavari chairs and 60” round tables provided, dressed with silver swirl. 12’ high aubergine shimmer crush fabric paneling backed the cake area and stage and in front of the black seamless dancefloor. Outside on the terrace white lounge sectionals, benches and our specialty white tufted Bella Bourne sat on white shag carpet. White fur paneling uplit behind the bar was custom manufactured for the event. All the décor, lighting and design elements made for a memorable Beatles themed celebration.


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MiO and Music

What’s one of the best things about music festivals aside from the live entertainment on stage? All the cool decorations, props, custom furniture that transforms an ordinary field or park into a unique event atmosphere.

Vendors, sponsors and producers used tenting and custom structures for all their activities and operations, from merchandising and VIP viewing areas to media and catering tents.

MiO, trucked in their custom structures which stood watch over the crowd throughout the event. Five and eight foot light up bars emblazoned with MiO graphics, custom made right here in Covina, were used throughout MiO’s structure areas, VIP tent’s and MiO sampling and merchandise stations. Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design was the creative behind the entire festival’s design and layout including all architectural creations, VIP lounge layouts, signage and motion graphics, and lighting.

VIP viewing tents provided guests drink and snack areas with a live feed of the concert streaming to HDTV’s mounted on the walls. The VIP lounge areas offered the same, but with soft furniture, complimentary hot catered food and an open bar, which kept the tent packed.

For those not old enough to indulge, the MiO bars provided refreshments for all ages. Next to their double-decker structure, where visitors could get an elevated view of the festival; was a 360° wrap-around light up bar, 12 feet on each side below a unique digital chandelier.

Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design was the creative behind the entire festival’s design and layout including all architectural creations, VIP and Corporate lounge setups, festival signage graphics and motion graphics, and lighting.

Music festivals can be some of the most dramatic venue transformations. A venue can go from a bare grass field, to a booming entertainment compound, and back to a field, leaving no trace of night before.


                                                                                                                                                                                   Event Design By Production Designer Stefan Beese of REBE Design

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A1 Party’s Open House Recap

A big thank you to all our participating vendors and guests for attending A1 Party’s Open House! We hope you all had an enjoyable night and made some connections!
The image above shows a trussing rig produced entirely in-house and was constructed in the will call area of our warehouse.

If you couldn’t make it, check out a fun little video we presented to our guests…

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Pine Wood Wedding

Shabby Chic’s still a hit this year! A local couple went all out with loads of burlap, fresh pine accents, tons of rustic furniture and accent décor. The idea was to create a truly theatric and engaging, old timey, pine forest ceremony and reception. Adding even more to the event design was the venue; the remnants of a 1900′s turn-of the century ranch. The compound contains original barns, garages, farm equipment,  machinery, and buildings housing artifacts depicting the life and times  from the era.

The ceremony was held outside in a courtyard between the old wooden garage and antique tack room. Mahogany chiavari chairs were arranged in front of the garage. Country throw rugs created the aisle runner accompanied by pine creek style row accents. The alter area was backdropped by the large, weathered barn doors and a furniture grouping of a vintage dresser, wall mirrors and two petite pine trees in burlap wrapped pots.

The cocktail area utilized more vintage furniture. Wood tables with themed tablescapes atop more throw rugs were set up for cocktail hour.

The reception was help inside the venues banquet hall.  Equally accented as the ceremony and cocktail areas, the round and rectangle tables were all tablescaped with the same decorative elements as the rest of the event; centerpieces were built of woodcraft items, pine cones, white candles, antique books, and more burlap. Round silver chargers and gunmetal grey napkins with flatware and accompanied by a burlap and pine name tag made up each table setting.   The grandiose head table had the most elaborate of the décor and set directly behind it was rustic furniture grouping that looked like a scene from a warm, cozy forest cabin.

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Product Launch Theatrics

With so many incredible venues in the Los Angeles area, sometimes its hard to pass one up for a “from the ground up” tent install. This particular client chose a theatre with elaborate sculptural details and state of the art lighting. What the venue did not have were theatre style seating, which theclient’s product launch party called for.

Hundreds of black folding polywood chairs were brought in and arranged meticulously into rows and columns; making the seating arrangement look like a permanent installation. Cocktail tables dressed in iridescent platinum crush linens complimented the venues lighting and décor. The crowning touch were two Lieko lights blasting the clients brand on either side of the stage.

Planning an event at a venue you are absolutely in LOVE with but need can’t stand the in-house linens, chairs, lighting, furniture, or other décor?

Visit our inventory section or give us a call today!




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Christmas Corporate Celebration and Award Show!

What better way to celebrate a prosperous year than an over the top company holiday party?
A local corporate outfit held their holiday bash in downtown Los Angeles.

The hall design was a festive red, blue and white, winter wonderland-themed faux Oscar Awards Ceremony. A 60 x 40 foot stage with box trussing was erected in the back center of the hall. Lining the hall’s towering walls were 15-foot high silver drapery with LED up lighting.

Setup to accommodate 400 people; the dining tables were accompanied by white and silver chiavari chairs. Dressing the table were silver Nova table linens, blue and red nova napkins, and an ornate floral arrangement. The Nova fabric has a metallic lamour-like sheen.

Multiple lounge groupings  provided ample soft seating for guests to mingle on. Two white 5-piece sectionals were garnished with vibrant blue pillows and set aside them was an ‘S’-curve row of red lounge benches. Two more groupings consisted of tan ultra suede benches dotted with white pillows and set behind white coffee tables. A VIP grouping was set up right in front of the stage; royalty red sofas and phantom coffee tables provided its occupants a front row view of the show. Two faux croc skinned deco benches sat back stage. Cocktail tables wrapped in festive foil red and blue were placed sporadically around the hall for guests to enjoy their libations on. Holiday props, smart motion winter gobos and lighting made the whole event design come alive with movement. An audio visual crew manned multiple cameras feeding two enormous screens set up on each side of the stage. Out front of the hall’s main entrance, a Santa Clause photo op grouping was designed for guests to have their picture taken in.

Let A1 Party’s Event Directors handle all of your party equipment needs; whether it is an intimate home event or a full on production, we can accommodate all your needs, from floor to ceiling.

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Classy Temporary Tent Solution

Tradeshows and conventions are a big part of any hotel’s business and a great source of revenue; so the more the better, right?

A local hotel/tradeshow venue needed a dedicated banquet hall to satisfy its client’s dining needs during a 3 day tradeshow. The hotel needed a temporary solution.

The A1 Party Tent Division constructed a 40′ x 240′ frame tent adjacent to the venue’s convention center. A firm, comfortable sub-floor was installed beneath the tent to avoid any trip hazards from parking lot beneath. White sidewall with French windows added a perfect combination of privacy, insulation, and daytime lighting; double glass doors at all entrances gave the tent a more permanent feel.  HVAC units provided heating during the chilly morning and evening weather.

Furnishing the tent’s inside gave it the temporary hall a truly permanent feel. Tables and banquet chairs were brought in for dining and a stage and dance floor was installed for the event’s celebration.
LED Par Cans uplit all the walls and washed the ceiling. Adding ballroom elegance to the hall were five 6-foot, 3-tiered Platinum Crystal Chandeliers. These intricate lighting fixtures sparkled and glistened amidst the vibrant wash lighting. The convenience of the tents proximity to the venue and the stable, sturdy flooring allowed the venue’s catering team were able to smoothly roll their bars, service carts, and all the serving equipment and china in a proficient manner.

Do you have an ideal convention/tradeshow facility but need just a teenie bit more room to entice clients to hold their functions at your venue? We can install a mobile facility for an extended amount of time just like this one, or bigger!

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Big Wedding, Big Decor

When your wedding’s guest list grows to 500, the task of planning the grandiose reception rises exponentially. Taking on their first wedding, The Noise Academy production team planned, prepped, and coordinated all the logistics for the event; and everything went off without a hitch.

A 21,000 sq ft banquet hall in the L.A. Convention Center was used as the venue for the large gathering. To transform the look and feel of the event space, 6,500 linear feet of crisp white satin draped the perimeter of the reception area. LED up lighting on the satin created vibrant columns of light, giving a dramatic  effect and enhancing the rather humdrum walls . Custom 15-foot high drapery panels were manufactured to properly reach the height of the hall.

The event design consisted of a large dining area, dance floor, elevated head table area and band stage.

Seating was built around round and long banquet tables topped with white linens and accompanied by gold chiavari chairs with white cushions.  Topping the center of each round table was a gorgeous 4-foot high cherry blossom branch propped up in a faux moss filled box planter. Hanging from the center pieces were crystals and glowing frosted lanterns.

Across the banquet tables were larger variations of the cherry blossom décor.  Large, bamboo arbors running the lengths of the 16-foot, double wide banquet tables supported more branches, blossoms and lanterns.

Hovering above the dance floor were massive, 10-foot orbs which acted as projection canvases for the couples initials and a slideshow.

When planning a reception for hundreds, every task becomes more cumbersome. As a one stop rental support resource, let A1 Party supply all your event equipment and rest assured everything arrives on time.

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